2 ways to change key binding in “screen”

2 ways in which you can change the default key binding from Ctrl-a to another key when using the unix/linux program screen.

How to automatically recover Tomcat from crashes

A script which automatically detects that tomcat has crashed and restarts it.

How to rotate Tomcat catalina.out

If catalina.out becomes 2GB in size, tomcat crashes and fails to start without any error message. To avoid this scenario you should rotate the catalina.out frequently. This article describes how to setup auto rotation of catalina.out on a linux/unix machine.

Linux command line puzzler

Simple but fun unix puzzler. The file “hello.txt” shows up in directory listing via the “ls” command. The puzzler is about not being able to display the contents on the file via the “cat” command.

How to SSH without password

This simple tutorial explains how to SSH to a remote machine without typing your password. Same technique works for password less scp as well.

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