JBoss Tools bug: SeamListener not found

Overview If you use JBoss Tools Plugin for Eclipse to deploy apps to JBoss 5.1 container and get a “SeamListener not found”, this post provides a simple workaround. I deployed a webapp to JBoss 5.1 container from Eclipse using JBoss Tools plugin. The app failed to start with the following error: 19:01:14,762 WARN [JAXWSDeployerHookPreJSE] Cannot [...]

How to configure multiple page.xml files in Seam 2.2

Seam lets you specify navigation rules in the pages.xml file which can become very large for apps with many pages and transitions. Seam allows you to break this file into multiple small files. This allows you to easily manage large applications by creating multiple pages.xml files, typically one per page. This article describes how to create multiple pages.xml files in Seam 2.2.

New Java Framework “Clickframes” 0.9 beta released!

Clickframes is a new Java Framework. You’ve heard of self-documenting code – Clickframes provides self-coding documentation. From a Clickframes XML spec, software developers can generate fully-functional, enterprise-class MVC code that’s easy to evolve as the project proceeds, and eliminates a lot of the tedious coding usually needed to get the app running and to provide minor changes in functionality.

Seam Asynchronous Email

When you need to send an email from your web application, you should preferably send the email asynchronously. JBoss Seam provides an easy way to do this. Simply add the @Asynchronous tag to a method to make it asynchronous! As simple as that.

A common configuration mistake which makes Seam slow

This article reveals a common configuration error which makes Seam slow. This simple fix increases Seam performance and makes it blazing fast.

Implementing context senstive permissions and authorization in JSF Seam

How to add custom application level logic to implement permissions in JSF Seam Security

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