What is Google TV … in 2 minutes

Google TV is a Smart TV (or set-top box) which aims to seamlessly combine your Internet and TV experience. It runs Android OS, Chrome browser and Flash 10. Third party developers can create interesting applications and make them available to end users via an App marketplace.

Google TV aims to take TV viewing experience to the next level, similar to what smart phones (Android, iPhone) did for phones. The key here, in my opinion, is creating a framework and open up the TV-internet application space to third-party developers.


  • Google TV was announced at 2010 Google I/O, in stores Fall 2010
  • Google has partnered with Sony (TVs), Intel (atom processor), Best Buy (sales to end users), Dish Network (Set-top box), Logitech (peripherals) and Adobe (Flash player)
  • Google TV units will be available (in form of TVs and/or Set-top boxes) this fall, well in time for the Christmas season
  • Runs Android OS, Chrome Browser, Flash 10
  • Third party developers can write apps and users can download apps via a Marketplace
  • End users can surf channels on TV as they normally do, and also access relevant internet related apps like Youtube, Picasa and discover apps written by third party developers
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