First look at Selenium Inspector

Last week, Team Dev released Selenium Inspector – an Java API wrapper over the existing Selenium Java API. This article compares the same program written in 3 different ways: Selenese (HTML) using Selenium IDE, in Java using Selenium Java API and in Java using Selenium Inspector API.

Amazon adds SimpleDB Support in AWS Toolkit for Eclipse

Today Amazon announced support for SimpleDB in their AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. One of the nice features is ‘SQL scrapbook’ which gives a textarea to write SQL and run it against your database. You get syntax highlighting, autocompletion of table names, column names etc.

How to SSH without password

This simple tutorial explains how to SSH to a remote machine without typing your password. Same technique works for password less scp as well.

Maven FAQ and code snippets for beginners

I have been using Maven with eclipse for two years and have found many simple and useful maven plugins and features like automatically downloading java sources, javadocs, running in an embedded container, importing the project to eclipse. Here’s a list of some useful code snippets and use case scenarios that I hope other maven beginners would find useful.

New Java Framework “Clickframes” 0.9 beta released!

Clickframes is a new Java Framework. You’ve heard of self-documenting code – Clickframes provides self-coding documentation. From a Clickframes XML spec, software developers can generate fully-functional, enterprise-class MVC code that’s easy to evolve as the project proceeds, and eliminates a lot of the tedious coding usually needed to get the app running and to provide minor changes in functionality.

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