What is Google Wave: in plain simple English in 2 minutes

What is Google Wave

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Google Wave is a new way to communicate and collaborate with friends, family, co-workers or any internet user. Currently you can “IM” your friends, “email” your friends, “phone” them or “text” them. With Google Wave, you can “wave” them!

A “wave” is like a wiki page which can be edited by multiple people simultaneously. You can send a “wave” to someone or you can embed a wave in the comment section of your blog or photo album, and since multiple people can edit the wave, it becomes a convenient tool for collecting user comments on your blog post or photo albums.

What does a wave look like

The simplest wave looks like the chat room screen, multiple people posting comments back and forth. However, unlike the chat room, in a wave you can edit your comment after posting it.

Google Wave is open source and Google is encouraging third-party developers to build extensions to Wave. These extensions can potentially enrich the Wave and opens the door to very rich applications like collaborative spreadsheet editing, powerpoint edit, collaborative gaming, etc.


You can see all the waves that you are participating in at one place by logging in to your wave account. For example, if you created a new wave and embedded in a blog, you can then view and edit that wave directly from your wave account without visiting the blog page. That’s pretty cool! All your waves get automatically bookmarked and linked through your account.

How can I start using Google Wave

Google Wave is officially not released yet. It will be released later this year. A very early preview has been made available to the developers who registered at the Google I/O event. You can submit a request for early preview here: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/wavesignup/

What technology is used to build Google Wave

Google wave is built using Java – Google Web Toolkit actually, which lets you write your web applications in Java and converts them to Html, CSS and Javascript.


Official Google Wave page

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