Google introduces Page Speed

What is Page Speed

Today Google introduced a new tool called Page Speed. Page Speed measures the speed at which a web page loads in your browser. It analyzes the webpage and makes a bunch of recommendations like number of images, CSS, javascript files, minimizing round trip times, minimizing request size, optimizing your caching semantics and a dozen other best practices that Google has identified and used in their own website.

Who should use Page Speed

Page speed should be used by web developers to optimize their pages for faster load times. Page speed captures all the best practices developed by Google in an easy to use tool.

Downloading Page Speed

Page Speed is an extension to a Firefox plugin called Firebug, which makes it a plugin-plugin, pretty cool! You need the following:

  1. Get Firefox 3.0+
  2. Get Firebug
  3. Get Page Speed

Similar tools

Page Speed is similar to another tools called YSlow by Yahoo which was release in 2007. Interestingly YSlow is also a Firefox-Firebug plugin!

While Page Speed is meant to be used by developers during development time, this article shows you how to use Google Analytics Event API to record page load times when your website is running in production and is used by real users.


Official Page Speed reference page

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