The plugin ‘org.codehaus.mojo:selenium-maven-plugin’ does not exist or no valid version could be found

The latest snapshot of selenium-maven-plugin does not work with the maven version < 2.0.9. If your maven seleinum plugin stops working and you get this error, you may have an older version of maven and you’ll need to upgrade you maven version to 2.0.9 or higher to fix this error.

How to trim() No-Break space (&#160;) when parsing HTML

The &nbsp; entity in the web pages is used to represent a blank space, but is sometimes converted to ASCII 160 (no break space), instead of ASCII 32 (space). This does not work well with Java functions like trim() which expect the ASCII 32 character (‘ ‘). This article shows you how to find and replace this character by using its unicode value and a simple regular expression.

Google introduces Page Speed

Today Google introduced a new tool called Page Speed. Page Speed measures the speed at which a web page loads in your browser. It analyzes the webpage and makes a bunch of recommendations based on best practices that Google has identified and used in their own website. Page Speed is similar to another tools called YSlow by Yahoo which was release in 2007.

What is Google Wave: in plain simple English in 2 minutes

I’ve tried to explain what Google Wave is without going into complexities of API’s and extensions. A “Wave” is like a very dynamic wiki page that you can send to someone. Multiple people can post comments to the Wave, very much like the chat room, or edit already posted comments or content like the wiki. You can also embed waves in your blog or photo album. While simple Waves look like chat rooms, but more advanced Waves could become collaborative gaming software like chess, sudoku etc.

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