Writing Java Hello World for Google app engine

This article shows you step by step with screenshots how to write a simple hello world app in Java in Eclipse and deploy it to Google App engine. At the time of writing, access to google app engine for java is limited and you have to wait to get permission from google. In the meantime, I hope you find this tutorial insightful.

How to auto-generate Maven plugin documentation

This article assumes that you are familiar with writing maven plugins and describes how you can automatically generate your plugin documentation, and keep it in sync with the plugin code. It shows you how to automatically generate documentation on plugin goals, including documentation for command line or other optional parameters required by the plugin.

Seam Asynchronous Email

When you need to send an email from your web application, you should preferably send the email asynchronously. JBoss Seam provides an easy way to do this. Simply add the @Asynchronous tag to a method to make it asynchronous! As simple as that.

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